Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scent Addict

As some of you know, I'm addicted to fragrance oils now (thanks Marie) and one of my fave places to buy from is Scent Addict.

The owner, Cindy, is fantastic. She provides great customer service and is a joy to deal with. Customer service is very important to me so I'd rather spend what little money I have at an indpendant place like Scent Addict than a big chain place.

Scent Addict carries a variety of product from a variety companies. She has Possets, Villainess, Mythos Mixtures, Good Judy, Cobalt Blends, Haunt, Super Bad, Nocturne Alchemy, Violette Market and many more!

Some of the companies even give her exclusive scents created just for the Scent Addict customer! Don't you feel special?

It's fun to get a few things from different companies for one shipping fee. (and she ships super fast!) I've always gotten a couple samples and a nice handwritten note thanking me for my order. It's an important touch and a small reminder that the mom & pop establishments are slowly giving way to the obnoxious big box stores. That part makes me sad.

So, please give Scent Addict a quick browse and see if there isn't a little something you need for yourself or a gift. You won't be disappointed. Tell her Shelly sent ya!

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