Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Sam!

Ok.. so, it's also Thanksgiving and while I'll wish you all a lovely holiday, I'm a vegetarian so to me, this day is about death to turkeys and that makes me sad... but, it's also Sam's birthday this year! My sweet Sam turns 5 today!

He and his 11 brothers were dumped in the garbage at 3 weeks of age and rescued by a local shelter.

The pups were bottle fed and fostered by some amazing people until they were old enough to go to their forever homes.

I have a few pics of Sam's brothers so I'll post them here as well. The first pic above is my Sam on the striped bed, closeup is Arnie, Stevie is wearing the bandana, then Syd on the couch and Carlos wearing the collar. I don't have pics of any of the other ones. Wherever you are, boys.... happy day!

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