Sunday, February 15, 2009

Road Trip to Madison: Gail Ambrosius

AH, there is nothing like good friends and great chocolate! I recently road tripped up to Madison with a friend to meet another friend of ours who lives in Madison, for lunch, oil sniffing and chocolate.

Gail Ambrosius has a delightful little shop on Atwood that is filled with the most amazing candy this side of Mount Olympus - truly nectar of the gods! (that's even what her last name means!)

Her hand made (one at a time!) dark chocolate creations are fabulous, unexpected and downright delicious! Plus, dark chocolate is good for you so you can indulge and wallow in the knowledge that it does a body good!

My faves are the caramels sprinkled with grey sea salt, shown here. If you haven't had salted chocolate, you haven't lived! Of course, Gail doesn't stop there .... she has some hot to trot cinnamon/cayenne truffles, rich travel inspired candies that contain curry, saffron, cardamom and more, liqueur inspired and even tea inspired delicacies! Each delicate goodie is dusted or topped with things like cacao nibs, lavender buds, chocolate shavings, candied ginger or nuts.

The french-trained Gail ships her candy but if you are within a couple hours drive, I recommend making the trek. You can have a great meal at Monty's Diner (across the street from Gails) and make a day of it!

Try her hot chocolate too. Bliss in a cup!

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