Sunday, February 15, 2009


I'm a vegetarian so that means I choose not to eat any animals - not even fish. My husband loves sushi and was kinda disappointed that I wouldn't join him even tho they had vegetarian choices. My reason? I don't like the smell or taste of Nori (seaweed) that it's wrapped in. It has a fishy scent/flavor that I am not into.

Imagine my excitement and delight when I discovered that our favorite sushi bar has SOY WRAPS to use in place of the Nori! Who knew?

Yay! Happy day! Hubby and I can eat sushi together. We need to learn to make it!

Now, if you like rice and veggies.. you'll like the vegetarian sushi. I get one roll (about 8 pieces) with cucumber, avocado and cream cheese and the other roll is made with tempura fried veggies! Yum!

and by the way... not all sushi is raw fish so stop screwing up your face at the mention of it! They have lots of cooked choices. Some rolls are made with tempura battered shrimp or fish, beef, cooked egg and more!

Live a little. Go crazy! Find a friend who knows sushi and go sometime. You only live once!

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