Thursday, October 23, 2008

Call Me An Addict!

I wrote about Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab already but as I've fallen deeper and deeper into the fragrance oil culture, I've been led to and discovered other companies that intrigue me and even tho I love BPAL, as it was my first love... I feel the need to 'date' before becoming monogamous with them. (My friend Marie is pretty faithful to BPAL)

A friend of mine calls fragrance oils, 'liquid crack' and I'm beginning to see why.

I followed links from friends and placed orders. I am waiting for the goodies to arrive but I thought that I might post links to the various places I've discovered. If you are into the fragrance oil scene and know of any great places to buy online, please let me know!

Also, I recommend signing up for newsletters from any site you may be interested in
because newsletter members get notice of sales, special offers and coupons.

The Soap Box Company carries a variety of different brands so it's nice to find one place and one cart to dump your treasures into! In addition to oils, they carry soaps and other bath time pleasures. I placed an order for three Arcana Soap oils, one
Possets oil and a Cobalt Blend oil there. They are an e-tailer based close by in Chicago so I'm hoping the turnaround time is pretty quick so my impatience can be rewarded and a quick fix is imminent.

Heaven & Earth Essentials - I'll be placing an order with her today, I'm sure. She has a few blends I want to try and she has a full array of bath goodies that can all be custom scented with any of her fragrance oils. Gotta love that! Also, I signed up for her newsletter and a few hours
later I got an email back with a $5 discount code! So, sign up and then show her some love by placing an order.

Specialty Bottle - a fragrance addict needs a few tools of the trade to manage her addiction and I found those here. I ordered some mini amber bottles so I can share or sell partial bottles to friends. You can buy them by the piece.

Places I've visited or have been told about, but haven't yet ordered from.... yet. I'll add to the list as I discover more, I'm sure!

Cobalt Blends


Nocturne Alchemy

Good Judy

The Scent Addict is also one stop shopping. Oils, soaps, bath luxuries and more await you there.

Accessories for Fragrances - a friend of mine buys her decanting supplies here.

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