Monday, October 20, 2008

October is National Chili Month

I love chili and I make it about once a week in my crockpot - yes, it's vegetarian! Most people consider chili a fall/winter dish but it's really a delicious meal any time. I like mine topped with a sprinkling of cheddar cheese and a small dollop of sour cream and served with cornbread or a side of Fritos.

I buy diced tomatoes and sauce from the warehouse club in cases of 8 and 12 cans so I always have the stuff on hand to make chili. I like to make it on days when I have alot to do around the house or if my hubby is gone and I don't have to make dinner because I can toss it in my small crockpot and just eat it all day long as I get hungry. It's diet friendly and good for you!

Here is my base recipe: (this can be doubled or tripled for larger groups)

1 can tomato sauce
1 can diced tomatoes
1 can any beans (I like kidney or chili beans the best, but black beans work too. Pinto beans seem too soft to me.)

Then I add in chopped onions and garlic and my Watkins Chili Seasoning and a couple splashes of the Watkins Calypso Sauce (like Tobasco) and 1/4 bag of the Morningstar Farms Crumbles (fake burger) and I'm good to go!

You can also get creative and add corn or peppers, mushrooms, whatever you like. You meat eaters can add in hamburger or chunked up beef. Make it hot or not. It's your call.

Then.. the leftovers can be used to make nachos, chili dogs or chili fries! MMMMM

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