Sunday, September 28, 2008

Are You Watching Supernatural?

You should be! It's a fantastic show! If you liked X-Files, Buffy, or are a horror movie fan.. this show is mandatory! It's creepy, it's funny, it's dramatic and it stars two very hot men with big guns who drive a '67 Impala and listen to classic rock. All you need is a bowl of popcorn.

I rounded up a few youtube videos to introduce people to the show.... the first one is a quick clip video that tells you a little about the back story and the next one is a 10 minute clip video of some of the funniest scenes (here is another 10 minute clip show)

You can rent the first three seasons on Netflix or you can buy all three seasons on Amazon for about $85 total ... season 4 started a couple weeks ago. Check your local listings.. it's on the CW and it ROCKS!

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