Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Wonderful World of Etsy

I am really good at wasting time. I can spend hours doing nothing. (it's one of my skills!) I have found another delightful way to waste my day away and it's name is ETSY!

I love browsing

It's a sort of ebay for handmade goodies. You can discover some amazing talent on Etsy. They have anything you can dream of and quite a few things that you'd find in your nightmares but you know, variety is the spice of life! It's kinda fun (and frightening) to see what things are born from the creative minds of strangers.

I've gotten zombie magnets, a custom embroidered lip gloss holder for my purse, cool hand mirrors for friends, sugar scrub and body meringue, earrings and scrabble tile pendants (which I LOVE and I'm going to learn to make myself), a quadrapus necklace (look it up) and a cool black cat tile necklace that looks like my cat! I've been jonesing for other items that are just too cool and too unique.

When you have a few hours to blow, check it out! The prices are usually really reasonable, they take pay pal and the people are fantastic. Last week I ordered a few things and a couple items came with extra freebies just because they are such nice folks. They are willing to customize things (like colors, chain lengths, etc) and it feels really good to give your money to the 'little guy'.

Find something one of a kind!

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