Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yard Crashers

Have you seen this fun show on the DIY network? Professional landscaper and all around nice guy, Ahmed Hassan hangs out at a home improvement store looking for a homeowner who is in need of landscaping help. He and his team transform an area for FREE!

Now... here is why I'm posting about this... there are people who refuse to participate! If you watch the beginning of the show you'll see people go out of their way to avoid poor Ahmed and his camera crew. When he approaches some people they get all pissy and rude and cast him off.

Now, listen.. this isn't some creepy guy on his own saying "take me home with you" he has a film crew of probably 10 people with him.. they aren't going to tie you up and torture you.

People! He is a professional with a team of professionals and they will come and professionally landscape your yard and pay for the materials - all you do is put in some sweat and allow them to tape the show at your home. I saw one homeowner who said "what if I don't like the design?"

uh.... um.... he's a professional! Plus, could your yard look any worse than it does right now?

Do you know how much plants and trees cost? Are you aware that every lawn edger costs 99 cents and you need a kabillion? Hello? Mulch isn't cheap, neither is landscaping rock and you might get a cool water feature. cabana, deck or a brand new fricken PATIO!

Don't send poor Ahmed away! Even tho our yard is pretty much done (and done well, me thinks) I'd love to run into Ahmed at my local store but the Magic 8 Ball tells me there is no chance in hell that he'd be in my Midwestern podunk town.

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Anonymous said...

I tend to agree with you here. Plus, can you imagine getting beauty without a broken back? Wow! They are always elaborate. They are always beautiful. I think I would change my own vision for my yard in favor of their vision.