Friday, September 26, 2008

One More Thing....

while we are on the vegetarian topic, I would like to educate you meat eaters on something.

This might help you in the future should you be in the company of a veg head.

There is a distinct difference between being a vegetarian or vegan, having a food allergy and not liking something.

Think about something you don't like to eat -let's use broccoli as an example. Let's say you order a salad and it comes with a few chunks of broccoli on it. Now, if you don't like broccoli, you can simply pick it off and go about your business but if you were allergic to broccoli you may have a problem. Eating a salad that had broccoli in it could cause you a health problem, even if you removed it.

As a vegetarian, I've made the choice to not eat animal flesh or broth or anything made with animal like gelatin. So, if I order a salad and it comes with grilled chicken all over it, picking it off and eating the rest of it is NOT an option, ok? It's disgusting. It's like finding a rat on top of your salad.

It would be like you ordering a pizza with sausage and having it come to your table with cockroaches all over it. Would you simply pick them off and eat it anyway? Probably not!

Well.. that is how a vegetarian feels about animal flesh and that example is the only example that seems to get meat eaters on the same page as me.

We really can't do half and half pizzas because pepperoni migrates and it's greasy so that grease can contaminate our half.

We also don't want our veggie burger cooked next to your beef burger on the grill and we'd prefer that you didn't even use the same tongs or turner to move them both around. We don't want them to share the same plate either.

Cooking meatballs in the pasta sauce and then removing them doesn't make that a vegetarian sauce, sorry! (yes, I've had that happen) and it does matter if the baked potato is coated in animal lard before baking - even if I don't eat the skin. Chicken broth isn't vegetarian and neither is Jello.

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