Friday, September 26, 2008

Excuses, Excuses!

Do you need a reason (er, excuse) to shop? I have some good ones .. feel free to use them.

It's on sale!

I have a discount code!

I have a coupon!

It's almost my birthday!

My husband bought ________ (therefore I need to return balance to the universe by spending
the same amount)

It's almost christmas.

I have two discount codes!

I work hard, damnit!

Today is my choice of 5 deluxe samples!

I'll give up lattes for a month. I swear.

I had a free shipping code!

Three words - gift with purchase.

It's limited edition.

I didn't spend as much on groceries this week.

I'll probably never see it at such a low price again.

The regular retail price is $98! I'm saving $85!

Dad always sends me cash on my birthday so I'll just buy it now.

All the girls have one.

My husband is out of town.

I'm lonely.

I'm depressed.

Lip gloss makes me feel better.

______ pissed me off! (shopping is better than eating)

I have a bonus check coming.

It's gift time at Clinique!

It's gift time at Lancome!

It's gift time at Estee Lauder!

I had a credit on my card.

I need to buy ______ a gift.

It's a different shade of red.

It's Sephora Friends & Family discount time!

It's raining.

I'm hungry.

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