Thursday, September 25, 2008

That Glade Woman

Have you seen the Glade commercials with that crazy woman who lies about everything?

1. She has her friends over and lights up a Glade candle, only she peels off the label and tries to toss it (only to have it stick to her ass to be discovered later by her friend who is very much on to her lying ways) and tries to pass it off as a French candle. Bonus question - why is she all dressed up anyway? Who wears a little black dress during the day, at home?

2. Her husband goes off to work, her kids to school and she spritzes the air with a Glade room freshener and calls it a day. She shops, she ice skates, she does whatever a big city chick with no day job does, apparently.. then she lies to her family and says she cleaned all day! (they must not have any pets because a spritz wouldn't do shit)

3. She has pals over to do yoga and says the nice air scent is a 'boutique-y' fragrance and then one of her pals discovers it's a Glade Plug-in and her life is over.

4. She's in the tub and gets a phone call and tells whoever is calling that she's at the SPA! Then her husband knocks and instead of admitting she's at home, she lies and says that it's just her 'aromatherapist'.

Good god, woman! How snobby can you be? You're obnoxious!

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Anonymous said...

i want to fucking strangle this woman.
She must be a severely depressed human being if
-she compromises the integrity of trust in her marriage so she can go ice skating and other stupid shit

- she has to lie to her friends about where she purchases her candles, as if that is the basis of her social status.

I wouldn't be surprised if her husband cheats on her with one of her friends, divorces her, and takes the glade spray, plug in, and candle with him ripping away from her the only thing that could make her life meaningful, and she kills herself out of anguish of her sad lonely state.